The balance of Body and Mind

Pilates is unique. Developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1930s, it’s an exercise system designed to create a stronger, healthier body. The flowing movements balance strength, flexibility and mindfulness to align joints and muscles, and encourage excellent posture.

You’ll soon notice the benefits of stretching, strengthening and aligning your body in this way – and you’ll gain confidence along with core strength and improved stamina. With Pilates, the focus is always on perfecting technique, so you can gain optimum benefits from even the smallest, most precise movements.
My classes are small, friendly and supportive. It’s Pilates for real people: clients hail from all ages and stages of life – some with specific health or postural problems, others simply looking to stay strong and active so they can enjoy life and leisure to the full.

I’d truly love to welcome you to one of my sessions – get in touch today to find out more or to book your introductory 1-2-1.
Elaine, Kendal
I always wanted to try Pilates but felt the slow pace wouldn’t be my thing. How wrong could I be? Danielle’s friendly, calm and encouraging instruction combined with the loveliest, non-lycra-wearing exercise chums ever, make it a highlight of my week, benefitting not only my body but also my soul.
Elaine, Kendal

About Danielle

It's really all about you

Danielle Hone - Pilates Instructor
I got hooked on Pilates about 15 years ago, having previously been a fan of yoga. I love the simplicity of a system that uses a series of really precise movements to develop strength and stamina and that can be used to improve flexibility, mobility and posture for everyone, regardless of age and fitness level.
I’ve been passing on my passion for Pilates for eight years and have been delighted with the progress my clients have made as they’ve joined me on my journey. I particularly love working with small groups and helping people to achieve their goals – from tackling back problems to swinging a golf club!
I’m trained to Advanced Pilates Matwork Instructor Level 3 with the Pilates Institute and incorporate elements of other styles of pilates such as Modern Pilates into my programmes. I continue to develop my own professional skills, having gained additional experience of targeting Pilates in relation to spinal conditions, postnatal exercise and pelvis and lower limb conditions, among others.
Taking up Pilates will change your view of exercise for good – why not join us and experience the power of Pilates for yourself?

Payment Options

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Option One

Pay for a FULL course at £9 per class
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Option Two

Pay for 39 classes per year at £8 per class.
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Option 3

One to One sessions with Danielle from £35.
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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know

How do I join? I always schedule a one-to-one session, even if clients have done Pilates before. This session is designed to introduce the principles and techniques of Pilates, as well as to familiarise clients with my teaching style – which may differ from previous instructors. It’s also an ideal opportunity for me to determine any specific health or lifestyle requirements so I can tailor my programme accordingly. One-to-ones are available at my Pilates Clinic in Gatebeck or Cartmel at the cost of £40 per session (£105 for a package of three); home visits are also possible at a cost of £50 (£135 for three). Alternatively, you can join a specific beginner’s course before moving on to the group class – a one-to-one is still recommended to gain the greatest benefits. I’m happy to talk through the options at any time.
Why can’t I just turn up to class/drop in when I feel like it? Everyone needs a slightly different Pilates programme, which is why I provide an in-depth one-to-one session before clients begin group work; I also limit regular class sizes to ensure I can give my closest attention to every class participant. I’ve found that clients are able to establish good techniques and see the best improvements when they make a commitment to attend regularly and consistently.
What do I wear/need to bring? It’s a relaxed, yet challenging class. We work in our bare feet or socks and I usually recommend loose, comfortable clothing such as T-shirt and yoga or jogging pants. A floor mat is essential but I will provide any other equipment needed. Feel free to bring a bottle of water.
What happens if I miss a class? Let me know if you can’t make a class and I’ll let you know which other classes might be suitable for you so you can make up your missed session.
What are payment options? You can choose to pay in advance for a full course at £9 per class. If you’d prefer to pay by monthly direct debit, it will cost just £26 – this works out at £8 per class and offers a saving of £39 per year which is the equivalent of almost five free classes over the course of the year.
What’s the difference between Pilates and yoga? There are actually lots of similarities. The movement’s founder, Joseph Pilates, studied yoga and incorporated elements into his programme. Both disciplines work on strength and flexibility and can be done on a floor mat with little, or no, equipment. Pilates focuses on balancing the body, elongating muscles and strengthening the core to allow joints and muscles to align, and so experience less wear and tear. It also uses breath to aid movement and involves the employment of very precise movements to rectify posture, often resulting in an improvement to back health, among other things. With yoga, there’s less emphasis on core and more on spiritual elements. Poses are held for longer periods, too, so it’s important to do it right. There’s absolutely no reason you can’t combine the benefits of both!