Welcome to my new direction!

Over the past few years I have certainly been through some of those BIG life events that befall us as we get older and my experiences have led me to take a new path. After 12 wonderful years teaching group Pilates classes I recently passed them onto another teacher (though I do still offer 1-2-1s – find out more here) and have developed The Real MEE Project.

The Real MEE Project is for those women who are old enough to remember ra-ra skirts and legwarmers, surviving on 3 tv channels and having to make phone calls after 6pm  (you remember why, don’t you?). We reach mid-life and things begin to change big time – health, relationships, family, career and there is often a reassessment of how we want life to be.

I now work 1-2-1 with women  who want to take control of their futures (find out more here).We integrate the 3 prinicples of  The Real MEE  into your everyday life in easily doable chunks that enable you to feel empowered, not overwhelmed.

MOVEMENT of your body and mind,  EDUCATING  yourself on what you need to achieve that fabulous future and making sure you don’t forget to  ENJOY  the journey (this bit is really important).

A dedicated Real MEE website is in production so, in the meantime, do contact me for more information, find out more about Real MEE and Pilates 1-2-1s (here) and follow me on social media .

I’m looking forward to meeting you. Contact me at danielle@therealmee.com

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